Catch the two big trends that Aditi Holani told us about in her interview!
February 23, 2017 || Mallika Singhania

The brain child of Shoulder Lab, the super chic western wear brand was in our podcast office this week, and she gave us some fabulous tips and tricks to reinvent our wardrobes, and to keep it basic, stylish and most of all comfortable at all times. 


It was a super exciting day at our office, because we had a candid chat with the super stylish, Ami Jhaveri, who is the founder of the store, Creo in Mumbai. 

Not only does Ami embody style, but she also has a keen eye for upcoming designers and trends. Catch this episode on our podcast where she gives our listeners the trends key trends that have to be a part of your closets. 


There's a nip in the air and it's time to start putting your winter wardrobe together. We are always looking for versatile pieces of clothing that help you make a smooth transition from your summer wardrobe into winter mode! Guess what? We found the perfect pieces at Shopotox that promise to fit your pocket as well. Here are our top pics that help you glide through the changing weather with style.

15 Reasons To Stay Updated With Fashion, One EASY Way!

Staying updated with fashion and style has never been this easy. Stay updated with Indian and International fashion at your finger tips by following Styleogram, India's first REAL fashion blog and platform that promises to keep you updated. Decode trends, celebrity style, the latest events, style inspos and fashion events from around the world. Here's a glimpse into the fashion world and how you can follow it right NOW! 

Vibrant, Ethnic and Luxe: FDCI's Show Promoting Indian Handlooms Was Breathtaking

FDCI along with the Ministry of Textile presented a vibrant fashion show of Indian textiles to promote handloom fabrics and Banarsi textiles. The collection was showcased by designers and master weavers from Ekaya BanarasThe collection was luxe and bold with beautifully handwoven fabrics in striking colour combinations to make indo-western as well as pure Indian silhouettes such as lehengas and sarees. The show was also a part of the India International Trade Fair 2015 (IITF) which had the theme "Make In India" this year.

Expert Talk: 7 Awesome Tips From Makeup Artist Monal Sareen
March 24, 2017 || Shruti Rathi and Monal Sareen

Chin up ladies, we've got you some of the best makeup tips from internationally trained celebrity makeup artist, Monal Sareen. Monal shares with us some of the beauty world's best tips and trickiest tricks, which might  appear really basic, they really aren't! And here's a little secret -  Kim Kardashian uses these too! 


Select CITYWALK in Delhi has been at it's aesthetic best in the month of love, February! Until now, "love" was ruling the theme of the decor of this luxury shopping destination, as well as some of the special services they are offering, such as make-overs, help with gift selections, and personal shopping to find just the right gift for your beloved. 

10 reasons why you can't miss the warehouse sale!
February 10, 2017 || shruti rathi

The Warehouse sale dates are 20th March; we've marked our calendars (and you should too!). For those who don't know, Warehouse brings to Delhi the first-of-its-kind designer outlet pop-up store that stocks some of the country's top designers at fabulous discounts! 


Have you ever wondered why your brain sometimes says one thing, but your instinct or gut tells you another? Do you know that there is actually a scientific reasoning behind why the gut behaves like a second brain? There is a massive and independent “second brain” running the whole route of our digestive tract from mouth to anus - called the Enteric Nervous System or gut. The brain in our guts is capable of thinking, remembering and learning. 

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