9 Things You Didn’t Know About Styleogram


1. What is Styleogram?

Styleogram is India’s first comprehensive fashion and beauty blog. It’s a fun chat with your fashion-savvy friend.

2. What Styleogram means?
Styleogram is your daily style-telegram giving you the latest fashion and beauty stories that are relevant to you.

3. Who is behind Styleogram?
Styleogram is the brainchild of two best friends, Shruti Rathi and Mallika Singhania. They’ve written a few books on fashion together, and then decided to take the plunge into the big bad blogging world.

4. What you should know about Shruti Rathi.
After completing her graduation in E-commerce and Digital Business from Nottingham University, Shruti worked in the editorial department of Femina. She then published a few books on fashion. Simultaneously, she also runs a successful home product line and is a freelance writer for other online publications.

5. What you didn’t know about Mallika Singhania.
She had a column with DNA for four years on shopping in the city. She also published books on fashion. Mallika ran a fashion e-commerce venture for 4 years before selling it in 2014.

6. What will you see at Styleogram?
You will see curated fashion and beauty stories in a dynamic, upbeat and kaleidoscopic manner - trend alerts, DIYs, events, celebrity fashion, exclusive designer interviews and curated picks from the best in the industry. Styleogram has its pulse on trends before they hit the streets.

7. What makes Styleogram tick?
Luxury. Glamour. Runway. Celebrity. Haute couture. Red Carpet. Quirky. Daring. Desirable. Dramatic. 

8. Want to contribute to Styleogram?
We love to hear from style-savvy writers (yes it’s true!). Contact us with your work samples on and you may even get to publish your articles on our cool site. 

9. We love our partners.
Whether you are an upcoming brand or an established one, we would love to hear from you. Tying up with the “next best thing” literally makes our day.

There is no good in goodbye, let's stay in touch.