November 02, 2016 || Mallika Singhania

There are so many websites currently that are selling clothes, however the reason we are so impressed with is that it has something for every time of the day!

Whether you are looking to find something for a girly dimsum lunch, a candle light dinner, or a classy cocktail party- there is something for every occassion; and the trends are at point!


There's a spring in your feet, a buzz in the air, and everything looks prettier with all the festivities in the city. We love the festive season and have to admit the best part of it is, dressing up like a diva (and the sweet treats ofcourse!). To start from the tee, the first thing every girl does after receiving an invitation is, a quick mental-race of her wardrobe and more often than not, frown and think she has nothing to wear!


A pretty dress can pretty much make or break a girl's day! No matter how terrible you feel when you wake up in the morning, or before a party- dashing on the right dress just perks up your mood instantly.

Unfortunately, a good, stylish dress is not so easy to find- especially in India! Hence, we were awe-struck (we are not even exaggerating) when we stumbled upon,