Unconventional models break social stereotypes and prove that style is inherent in everyone

December 09, 2016 || Mallika Singhania & Shruti Rathi

Have you ever stopped to wonder that your office peon or driver could look as stylish as you do? Possibly not. We naturally assume that looking stylish is a privilege exclusive to a special few. We conveniently forget the hours of grooming, trend research, shopping and money, we invest, even on our every day looks. 

So we thought, why not do a social experiment of our own? Let's find out if the common man, the ones we are surrounded by, the ones who painlessly run our errands and work long hours, can really break out of their moulds and can be perceived differently by us.

We at Styleogram and Bombay Shirt Company joined hands and decided to give a style make-over to our very own help, to prove that style is inherent in everyone, regardless of the social strata they belong to. We spoke to our driver, Umesh Kumar Mahto, our office-worker Rahul Sunar, and a dabbawalla, Santosh Salvi, about our idea. At first, they laughed nervously, and shook their heads shyly, avoiding any sort of eye contact. But with a little more convincing and urging, they agreed, and put all their faith in what we were about to do.

Our friends, celebrity make-up artist Gurpreet Ghura, and photographer Amey Ghatge supported us with their proficiency in hair and make-up and photography, respectively. The grooming took all of two hours, and the models finished the shoot in less time than most professionals would have. The high point for us was seeing the smiles on their faces, when people stopped on the road to look at them posing. Their body language changed, and they suddenly exuded a lot more confidence than we could have ever imagined. 

We are so excited to show you the "before" and "after" images of the following three gentlemen. Please keep in mind that they have had little or no exposure to the world of photoshoots. They earn extremely humble salaries, and can barely speak a few words of English. 

See for yourself and let us know, if these unconventional models have been able to break the stereotypes of the social strata that they belong to- purely through their new clothing and their inherent sense of style.

Rahul Sunal, Office-worker



Umesh Kumar Mahto, Driver



Santosh Salvi, Dabbawalla



We are thrilled with the results and we hope these makeovers prove that the people who work for us are actually just like you and me. 

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