This Designer Is Taking Kolkata By Storm! Stop What You Are Doing And Check Out The VW Luxury Womenswear Today!

July 04, 2016 || Mallika Singhania

It was a delightful afternoon, at 85 Lansdowne, where fashion and art came alive, where VW Luxury Womenswear by Varsha Wadhwa's mannequins stood adorned with ensembles from her collection but peony-strewn heads. With the crowds moving through each room, the vibe changed.  

The first one with the aroma of coffee, and a rack full of pristine white - tops, pants, jumpsuits, saris, western wear playfully hinting at Indian roots. On the wall, lay a vertical table top with all the morning essentials- coffee mugs, walnuts,croissants and magazines, to ease in those leisurely hours of relaxed harmony.

The second room, filled with berry fragrance, housed clothing with a colour palette of rose pinks, corals and blood orange with a few bursts of pale yellow. Dresses, skirts, capes, crop tops adorned with lazer cut peonies and pearls stood racked. With a long vertical table of flowers, tea platters, little birds, cupcakes, jam jars and all the pretty thoughts.The crowd gasped and peered at all the lovely trinkets and details, which were effortlessly, nailed for effect- almost giving the illusion of being Alice the Mad Hatter's tea party.

Jostling through to the next room with its crystal chandelier, we were welcomed by black and white projections on the wall with tongue in cheek vintage videos of cocktails, dinner and dance. The hues of the clothing changed to midnight blues, fresh mints, olive greens and deep violets in the form of cutout gowns, maxis, jackets and other evening wear

A spicy musk filled our heads to match the sultry mood. And like we save the best for last- we huddled our way to the Midnight Feast room, where the playfulness came alive in the vintage video which has an amalgamation of 50's refrigerator commercials and footage of deciding what to eat from the fridge in the middle of the night. 

Aged between 18-68, there was something for every woman. A timeless cut work chiffon Saree with a pearl blouse for the grandmother and a double hued neoprene mullet skirt for the young college girl. Fresh, soft, young and romantic, inspired by Italian cuts and floral embroidery with a galore of pearls.

And to end on a sweet note, a customised raspberry and white chocolate petit four with an edible logo in a rose pink lazer cut box for each guest to savour the brand in all its glory. VW Luxury Womenswear will be available Kolkata from July and at multi brand stores in - New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Dubai and London.

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February 10, 2017 || shruti rathi

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