November 02, 2016 || Mallika Singhania

There are so many websites currently that are selling clothes, however the reason we are so impressed with is that it has something for every time of the day!

Whether you are looking to find something for a girly dimsum lunch, a candle light dinner, or a classy cocktail party- there is something for every occassion/ time of the day; and the trends are at point!

Nangalia Ruchira Bottom for Rs.750

Start off your mornings with these super cool and casual bottoms that are perfect to wear with family while having your morning cup of tea. We loved these printed home lounging pants!

White Nature Dress for Rs.1650

Floral prints are so in, and we loved this natured printed fitted dress which is flirty, girly and feminine. At the price that it's at, stop wasting time, and buy it now!

Shirt + Jacket for Rs.18000

Some girls don't like to lunch, they would prefer to be at office instead. If you are one of them and want to look cutting-edge in the work place- this ensemble would be our recommendation to you. Stylish, not so serious, and yet you look like you mean business.

Tie And Dye Maxi for Rs.1790

Now that work is over, you want to chill out with your friends for a swim or a sundowner at the garden. The perfect way to set the mood is these maxi beach dresses that remind you of the coolness of the sea.

Dress for Rs.22500

Look demure yet full of personality with this pleated dress which is classy and elegant. Perfect for candle light dinners, this dress is sure to catch everyone's attention at the restaurant.

Red Sweetheart Dress for Rs.1990

Dinner is done, and now you are ready to be the dancing queen of the night. Look like a bomb in this party dress that can easily be worn for a classy cocktail too!

Heart to Heart Printed Women's Beach Shorts for Rs.450

Look at the price guys, you are pretty much getting it for free. After your hectic day, you want to slip into something uber comfortable to get a good night's sleep. We love these girly shorts and tank top.


It was a super exciting day at our office, because we had a candid chat with the super stylish, Ami Jhaveri, who is the founder of the store, Creo in Mumbai. 

Not only does Ami embody style, but she also has a keen eye for upcoming designers and trends. Catch this episode on our podcast where she gives our listeners the trends key trends that have to be a part of your closets. 


There's a nip in the air and it's time to start putting your winter wardrobe together. We are always looking for versatile pieces of clothing that help you make a smooth transition from your summer wardrobe into winter mode! Guess what? We found the perfect pieces at Shopotox that promise to fit your pocket as well. Here are our top pics that help you glide through the changing weather with style.

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