Kamal Sidhu Gets Candid About Real Beauty, Ethical Fashion, And Empowering The Youth

November 06, 2015 || Mallika Singhania

Anchor, TV Host, and Actor, Kamal Sidhu gets candid with us about what REAL fashion should be. A role model in her own right, Kamal has been an athlete training for the Olympics, a runner up at the Miss India- Canada contest, and a huge youth icon for teenagers in India. Intelligence, ethics, and beauty is what this power-packed girl is all about, and we were bowled over by it all. 

Mallika: What does fashion mean to you? 

Kamal: Fashion has meant different things at different times of my life. Clothing myself has gone from beyond necessity, to a way of fitting in, to a phase of experimentation in getting to know myself and my body, to having fun, feeling comfortable and expressing myself to the world.

Mallika: What is your style mantra today? 

Kamal: Right now, I appreciate the power of minimalism and mood and comforting myself in simplicity and sass. 

Mallika: What are your every day style essentials?

Kamal: I tend to live in tanks, athletic tights and Havaianas in this city because it really is conducive to it; run around all day in the heat then go work out and sweat it out some more.

Mallika: Dressing up or dressing down? 

Kamal: I love equally the opportunity to dress up and feel grounded, to wear Brunello Cuccinelli or Anamika Khanna or my cut off Levis paired with only a shirt made of mul.

Mallika: How do you accessorise? 

Kamal: Outside of shoes and bags, I don't fuss over accessories; if I don't have what works I go without and let confidence make up for the rest. 

Mallika: What is your favourite work out wear? 

Kamal: As an athlete, I've always lived in sweats and now my ol' favorites Adidas, Puma and Nike along with my currents, Under Armour and Lulu Lemon have not only made it acceptable to roam the streets in sportswear, they've even made it enviable, giving virtue to fitness over valuing size zero. 

Mallika: What is your take on plastic surgeries to attain the perfect body or looks?

Kamal: In a world where cosmetic facial and body surgery is becoming a norm, creating very unnatural ideals of beauty, I can't seem to think of fashion anymore without the effect it has on the state of our world today. Indulging in fashion and personal style is a liberating experience, not something that should challenge our sense of self preservation nor that of future generations. I think the world of fashion and beauty, as much as any individual, needs a little centering every now and again. 

Mallika: What steps should the industry take to make these changes?

Kamal: Empowering people with a positive body image of their natural, healthy, beautiful selves, supporting ethical production values and maintaining sustainable ecological practices and standards. It's not only attainable, it makes fashion credible, innovative and so deck!


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