Face To Face With Nisha JamVwal: The Real Beauty Behind The Glamorous Face

December 14, 2015 || Mallika Singhania

A patriot and philanthropist Nisha JamVwal is a lady of rare fortitude and courage. The recipient of prestigious awards, she also recently received the 'Women s Achievers Award' from the 'World Women Leadership Congress' for her outstanding work in her career, as well as “India’s Most Promising Brand Consultant known for Out Of The Box Thinking” where the Network 7 Media Group Jury felicitated JamVwal for “innovation, creativity and out of the box thinking” at the 5th Annual India Leadership Conclave.

Styleogram unveils the real woman behind the glamorous face.

Mallika: How did Jeffrey Archer choose you to be the protagonist of his book “Caste Off,” and “Thereby Hangs A Tale?”

Nisha: Jeffrey Archer was inspired and intrigued by my life that has been one of rare courage and determination where I have treated crisis and adversity as allies to catapult myself into a personality that is known for service to mankind,patriotism and excellence. Jeffrey Archer found joie the vivre and exuberance in the way I handled my personal challenges and hardship, and he decided to chronicle my personal life story in his books.

Mallika: Tell us something about your involvement with Indian craft.

Nisha: I have done a lot of work with Indian craftsmen in an effort to save our dying Indian crafts. I enjoy working in the NGO sector. In an effort to spread awareness towards saving the Indian craft, I have also authored two books on the same.

Mallika: “India on Canvas” was powered by you and received a lot of media attention, tell us about that.

Nisha:The “India on Canvas” auction was organized by me for the Khushii Foundation for street children. I got together known celebrities like Amitabh and Aishwarya Bachchan, Tina Ambani, Sushmita Sen, and many others, to paint for the cause of street children. These paintings were later auctioned, and we managed to raise a substantial amount. I still work towards this cause through various means.

Mallika: What motivates you?

Nisha: My greatest drivers are the service for the betterment of the less fortunate. I want to work harder to make their lot see a better future.

Mallika: What got you into luxury brand consulting?

Nisha: I write many columns on lifestyle and design which has given me the skills that I need for my job. I am also a qualified Interiors Architect and I feel that has helped me hone my knowledge on luxury lifestyle items.

Mallika: Which award are you proudest of?

Nisha: I think that would be the awards I received for being a woman of courage and fortitude and an exemplary career in the world of design, art and writing.

Mallika: What is the secret of your success?

Nisha: I owe all my work, education and a career in luxury, design and art, to the ability I have to dream and work hard towards my dreams.

Mallika: What’s next?

Nisha: Recently, I raised funds for 'Teach For India' and I am working on doing more fundraising for them. 


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