Expert Talk: 7 Awesome Tips From Makeup Artist Monal Sareen

March 24, 2017 || Shruti Rathi and Monal Sareen

Chin up ladies, we've got you some of the best makeup tips from internationally trained celebrity makeup artist, Monal Sareen. Monal shares with us some of the beauty world's best tips and trickiest tricks, which might  appear really basic, they really aren't! And here's a little secret -  Kim Kardashian uses these too! 

1. Skin Prep 

This is the first and the most important part to begin your makeup with. Clean and well moisturised skin provides a great base. One can also use a primer depending on the final look you're looking for.

2. Less Is More

This has always been my motto. Use as little foundation as per required by your skin. If you are blessed with good skin all the more reason to show it off!! Apply enough to give you a smooth supple and even complexion. Using products in excess take away from the natural look and make you look caked.

3. Combat Dark Circles 

Unfortunately, most Indian women suffer from dark eye circles. The best tip to cover dark eye circles is to use a orange colour corrector over the desired area and then over that, use a concealer closest to your skin tone 4.

4. Cover Pigmentation

Hyper pigmentation is another big concern. On the pigmented/darker area apply a concealer 3-4 shades lighter than your original tone and then on top of that apply the foundation closest to your skin tone and set it with lose powder.

5.Accentuate Your Best Feature

Rather than following all makeup trends that are trending on social media, follow trends and tips that help you enhance your facial features! For instance, if you have thin lips avoid using deep shades as dark lip colours will make thin lips look even thinner.

6. Get Gorgeous Eyes

To enhance small eyes and to make them look bigger substitute black kohl with brown. It will make your eyes look relatively bigger!

7. Perfect Lashes

Eye lashes are such a rage this season! It's very important to choose the perfect pair of lashes for your eyes and there's lots to choose from. Pick a pair which gives your eyes the right amount of volume and length. Apply the lashes very close to the lash line and wait for the glue to dry up. With a black kohl pencil or a black liner go over the false lashes , try to merge the gaps if any between your original lashes and the false ones for a natural look.


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