7 Unique Winged Eyes For Every Day Of The Week

June 02, 2016 || Bhavana Sinha

Ever get bored of your daily winged liner? We’ll show you 7 unique and bold techniques with which you can switch up your look. From the classic cat wing to subtle and smoked out to bright and colourful, these styles will boost your confidence and will give you a fresh look for every single day of the week. When we doubt, we say, "wing it!"

The Classic 

Start off by keeping it simple and sleek. To achieve the perfect cat eye, all you have to do is draw a line along your upper lash line and from the outer corner of your eye, draw a wing. Then, draw a line joining the outer corner of your eye to your upper lash line.This should create an empty triangle around your eye. Fill in this triangle with your eyeliner and you should have a flawless cat eye.

The Blank Space

To make things just a bit different, try out this new do. Just draw a cat eye and add an addition line starting off thick about halfway through the wing and ending in a thin line just above the inner corner of your eye.

The Egyptian

The Egyptian eye liner look is almost like a reverse of the previous one. You draw on a cat eye and about halfway through the wing, you start a line directly touching your lower lash line and ending like an upside down wing below your tear duct to have a unique look that’ll get you double the compliments!

The Bright Side

Use this technique to make your eyes vibrant and brighten up your day. Draw on a winged eyeliner and line your lower lash line such that they both end around halfway along the eye. Then to add a pop of color, fill in the inner half of your eye (which should have been left blank) with a colourful eye pencil.

The Go-Up-In-Smoke Eye

This method gives your eyes a smoky feel while keeping it subtle at the same time. To get a clean line first place a piece of tape along the line where you’d want your eye liner to be. Line your upper and lower water line with an eye pencil and then taking, the same pencil, draw a hastag on the outer corner of your eye and smudge it out with a sponge.

The All-Rounder

To get an intense goth-like look like shown here, draw a very thick cat eye on your eyelid and thickly line your waterline as well. To finish it off, join the line on your eyelid to the line along your lower lash line in a v-formation at the corner of your eye.

The Glitter

To make your eyes stand out, draw an outline of a cat eye on your eyelid, and instead of filling it with an eyeliner like you normally would, fill it with any glittery eye pencil of your choice.

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