5 Reasons That We Love To Shop At Aplava (And You Will Too!)

June 23, 2016 || Mallika Singhania

When we first heard about Aplava, we thought it's just another online beauty store, adding to the plethora that is already there. But then, when we actually visited their site, we realised that it is actually an amazing platform to buy online beauty products, that would be delivered right to your door stop. 

If you think that's good. It actually just get's better once you start your shopping experience here. Read on below to know the 5 reasons we think you absolutely need to shop here!

1. So, this is the first reason that the website is like no other. It actually makes you give your skin profile as well as make up preferences. Yes, the company is trying to understand what really works for YOU. 

They then process your information through their algorithms, and present the best make up options for you. This actually means that you might have missed out on products because you never thought they would work for you. 

These are then delivered to your doorstep for your convenience.

So, instead of pushing products that they WANT to sell, they are curating products that you actually will use. 

2. Aplava is BIG on personalisation. And they want to know exactly what your skin type is like. To make matters better, they actually have a forum of experts who analyse skin types and colours, and help the company present the right products to their clients.

That's right, you actually have experts working for you, for free!

3. Their comprehensive list of products is dizzying. Whether you are looking for eye make up, lipsticks, blushes or brushes- they have it all. You will be spoilt for choice!

4. They have fabulous discounts on their site which makes them competitive with the other sites out there. You can pretty much be assured that you will find your make-up at the best price possible here.

5. Everyone loves free stuff, and they actually give free samples and gifts with your order. They also have options of free shipping, loyalty programs, and cash back programs that will help you save big bucks even as you shop!

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