12 Beauty Hacks For The Summer, You Wish You Had Known Earlier. Trust Us When We Say That!

June 09, 2016 || Bhavana Sinha

With the summer heat building up, looking fresh and vibrant is becoming more and more difficult. Whether it’s saving your money or saving your time, theses beauty hacks will surely surprise you. Learn these quick tricks and tips, and embrace the inner lazy girl inside you. 

1. Exfoliate your lips by rubbing a toothbrush over them to remove all the dry, chapped skin.

2. Prevent your face from getting greasy by using coffee filters as a cheaper replacement for oil blotting sheets.

3. To set your lipstick, cover your lips with a tissue and lightly dust translucent powder of the tissue.

4. You can make your mascara last longer by adding a few drops of contact lens solution in the tube.

5. Clean dirty makeup brushes by spilling a few drops of olive oil on a paper towel and swirling your tools in it until the makeup breaks down.

6. Tame flyaways in a sleek ponytail by spraying hair spray on to your toothbrush and combing them back in a place

7. Remove puffy bags under the eyes by keeping green tea bags under your eyes for a few minutes.

8. Make your eyelashes stay curled for longer by heating your eyelash curler with a blow dryer before curling them.

9. Get a perfect contour by drawing the number 3 on your ace from your forehead to your cheekbones to your chin

10. Make your eyes look wider and more awake by lining your lower waterline with white or nude eyeliner.

11. Avoid sweating in the summer by rubbing deodorant on your neck before drying your hair.

12. Make your perfume last longer by applying Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying on the perfume.

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